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    Enterprise operation efficiency relies heavily on the operation of the supply chain. In the era of multiple rising situations, the operation of supply chain should be agile and smooth at every point. Digital transformation could play a part at solving this problem, to optimize and develop supply chains into their most efficient forms. When automated and data analytics is applied, supply chain could transform from traditionally linear to a more agile network, opening up new values, as well as incident prediction and swift response before the become harder to control.

    Find out more about digital supply chain through analysis of the advantages gained when transforming from traditional to digital supply chain, as well as how those outstanding technologies could be applied within, and success stories about great achievements that Digital Transformation could bring onto supply chain.

    FPT Digital’s report on “Effective digital supply chain management for businesses” includes:

    • The shift of supply chain from traditional to digital
    • Significant supply chain technologies
    • Success stories