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August 2022 PDF - 44 pages

Digital transformation of Agriculture sector has improved the accessibility to information from inputs to markets, increased productivity, streamlined supply chains, and reduced operational costs. Agricultural products have better quality, higher yields and are quickly distributed all over the world.

The Global Agriculture industry is being rapidly transformed by digital transformation. Digital makes agriculture more productive, more consistent development, more efficient use of time and resources. Agricultural products are of better quality, higher yields and more and more rapidly distributed to where they are needed all over the world. However, digitizing process of agriculture and food value chains has certain challeneges that need to overcome. Learn more about the trends and digital technologies in the agriculture industry as well as the potential for sustainable digital agriculture development in Vietnam.

FPT Digital’s report on “Digital transformation creating sustainable values for Vietnam’s agriculture”, including:

  • Background of the agriculture industry value chain
  • 5 digital technologies significantly impacting the shift of agriculture value chain
  • 4 breakthrough directions for sustainable development of digital agriculture in Vietnam
  • Recommendations for Vietnamese agriculture businesses
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