Next-Gen Business Model

Proof of Concept

Digital Transformation is imperative for all businesses. It is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business to come up with the innovation of operational excellence, customer experience and also business models. In addition, the idea of reviewing how we use technology to create new revenue streams and business models isn’t just a new one. However, implementing these ideas requires an agile working method to save both time and resources.
One of the most efficient methods is to bring PoC into effect
Digital PoC is the demonstration or short-term project to test the use and relevance of a technology on a small perimeter in order to evaluate the return on investment and identify potential uses.
POC is needed to keep up with the latest trends while predict the uncertain result about the acceptance of the idea. It might happen when company is trying to implement the original and fresh idea or trying to provide some cost-effective product which was earlier done with high investment. POC will provide the clear picture whether the idea is viable or not.
Implement Digital PoC with FPT Digital
FPT delivers an implementation method to help your enterprise build PoC by applying Lean Process. Following four-step process (including Ideas, Measures, Digital Factory and Implementation) digital ideas can spread to the market more quickly and continuously improve in order to adapt.
PoC saves time and costs for business
If the PoC is successful, there are higher chances of getting initial buy-in from stakeholders with further financial that help build prototypes/product so that the project moves ahead. Otherwise, it may take a different route or may stop even right at that point.
Building PoC project with FPT Digital to test ideas in an agile approach, on a small scale, helping to evaluate and assess the feasibility level quickly, while at the same time, save resources for businesses.
Our PoC Projects
Counting customers at a retail business
A retail business looks for technology solutions based on their current cameras to increase the data collection value. Old and uneven quality cameras are only used for security surveillance.
Automatic assignment at a telecommunication business
A telecommunication business encounters problems in the process of shifting technical staffs to serve customers. For example, when the case coordination exceeds the processing ability, the management department must manual check statistics, analyze and calculate for coordination.
Our Approach
With more than 30 years of experience executing successful digital projects for world leading partners across various industries, FPT Digital confidently offers clients our full-cycle digital transformation service, delivered through the Digital Kaizen method