Reinforce Digital Workforce

Management System

Digital transformation takes efforts of the whole organization and requires strength of the collective. For a successful business transformation, human transformation (PX) is an integral part. Performance management system (PMS) monitoring KPIs is a core tool in human transformation.
However, based on FPT’s experience in digital transformation and working with customers, we realize that the common situation of enterprises in applying KPIs to manage employees has not yet been effective:
KPIs are not consistent with the strategy of the business
Assessment method is still inaccurate with emotional sense
KPIs are not yet associated with the nature of the employee’s work
KPIs’ content is too complicated, as a result, employees find it difficult to understand policies coherently
KPIs are assigned in a coercive or non-transparent manner, as a result, employees lack motivation
FPT Digital provides an effective performance management system solution for PMS to help business
Unify all units and employees towards the common goal
Ensure employees do their jobs well and work effectively with each other
Motivate employees with good labor experience
Build policy content that is clear to understand, communicate, and manage.
By cooperating and understanding Client, we set up an appropriate PMS for each business, including
Leadership strategy and thinking
Policies system and approval, issuance and communication procedures
Training program
Information technology system for tracking, reporting and forecasting, and manage.
Technology empowers the implementation process of management ideology in a digital age become effective upto thousands of employees. With FPT Digital Kaizen methodology, we find the most painful points of the business and build digital initiatives that improve the average business activities to over 25%.
Our Approach
With more than 30 years of experience executing successful digital projects for world leading partners across various industries, FPT Digital confidently offers clients our full-cycle digital transformation service, delivered through the Digital Kaizen method