FPT Digital representative attended the seminar “Human Resources 4.0 in the digital age”

FPT Digital representative attended the seminar “Human Resources 4.0 in the digital age”

On October 24, 2021, Mr. Le Hung Cuong – Director of Digital Transformation FPT Digital attended the seminar “Human Resources 4.0 in the digital age” organized by G-Talent Academy and Funix to discuss and provide solutions to help staff prepare and train to improve experience in implementing digital transformation in enterprises.

With the industrial revolution 4.0 and the context of the global economy being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, digital transformation has become increasingly urgent for businesses operating in all fields. Besides building a sustainable business strategy and advanced technology infrastructure, an equally important action in the digital transformation roadmap is building and improving the quality of digital human resources. 

The seminar was attended by more than 300 personnel from the Human Resources Development team, representing businesses from different industries and sizes, and experts discussing Digital Transformation, Human Resource Management, Technology Training, etc. The program brings values ​​to help businesses. 

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation 
  • Understanding the trends and roadmaps of Enterprise Digital Transformation 
  • Embrace Digital Human Resource preparation and transformation methods 
  • Learn from the experience of effective Digital Transformation of Human Resources at some large enterprises in Vietnam 

Sharing at the Workshop, Mr. Le Hung Cuong – Director of Digital Transformation, FPT Digital also gave his opinion to discuss the trend and influence of digital transformation on the labor market, along with human resources digital transformation solutions for businesses. Many businesses are currently at the stage of implementing the digital transformation roadmap, facing a shortage of high-quality human resources or not having the capacity to adapt to new cultures, processes and technologies. At this time, businesses have to face three common challenges when transforming human resources: How to ensure the ability to flexibly adapt to any changes for human resources; solve the problem of scale and cost in recruiting and training a large number of human resources; personalize learning to increase training quality and learning experience when implementing digital training for company employees. 

Regarding the training content, also during the event, experts affirmed that the digital workforce needs to be equipped with knowledge and skills to become digital citizens, digital employees, and digital managers. Specific contents follow the required evolution of the digital economy. 

Digital citizenship: Turning personnel into “digital citizens” with basic skills and knowledge on computer mastery, critical thinking and innovation to increase the ability to exploit information, safety and security in the number space. 

Digital staff: Help employees have full capacity to “work digitally” with skills such as time management, work process automation, mastering reports and metrics to increase productivity and work smarter through technology. 

Digital management: Building a digital transformation roadmap, building a Data Ecosystem and digital infrastructure for each business to increase decision-making and adaptability. 

Digital solutions: Training new technology digital skills to deploy 4.0 digital solutions that businesses are “thirst” such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Computing; IoT…. 

Therefore, the preparation and training of human resources for digital transformation is still a key problem that enterprises must face and effectively solve through plans, time and roadmap suitable to the capabilities of each enterprise. 

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