Digital transformation towards an excellent experience

Digital transformation towards an excellent experience

“Digital transformation based on increasing customer experience is a core strategy to help businesses succeed,” said Peter Huynh, president of the CIO Vietnam community at DxTalks.

According to Peter Huynh, President & Co-Founder of CIO Vietnam, the importance of digital transformation in customer experience is inevitable. He stated that nowadays, almost everyone uses smartphones, so the closest approach to customers is through mobile devices. Without exposure to this channel, there is almost no way to improve customer experience. Digital transformation has become a must-go, with goals that determine the competitiveness, and ability to succeed and grow the business. “Digital transformation strategies based on increasing customer experience are a regular topic of discussion in the CIO community” Peter said.

Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang, Director of FPT Digital, emphasized that providing a great experience for customers must be planned in advance, with prior research on customer behaviors, and customer needs including potential needs that customers could not be fully aware of. On the digital transformation journey, enterprises will constantly improve to enhance customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

In this 4th episode of DxTalks series – “Customer experience in the digital age” – its main theme delves into the importance of digital transformation towards the customer experience as well as the obstacles that enterprises face in the process of implementing this strategy. This topic come after a discussion of an initial step for digital transformation in the first episode “Assessing digital maturity for businesses”; discussing the factors that ensure success in the digital transformation of enterprises with the topic “Building a roadmap for the digital transformation of enterprises” in the second episode; and practical digital transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises – “Digital transformation in SMEs” in the third episode.

Besides the two experts as special guests are Peter Huynh and Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang, this episode continues to be accompanied by host Vuong Quan Ngoc, FPT Digital Consulting Director.

Source: VnExpress

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