Beyond-Satisfaction Customer Experience

Loyalty On
Digital Base

Loyalty is not only a reward program but further than that, it needs to be experienced in digital style Loyalty’s purpose, on one side, is to retain customers for higher life value while on another side, loyalty is the platform, the infrastructure to build a sustainable enterprise – customer relationship.
Implementing a loyalty system brings significant impacts to the company:
Boost sales through more targeted loyalty group
0 % Customers participating in Loyalty Program contribute1 of annual sales
Improve customer retention rate
0 % consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases at companies with excellent customer service2
Better customer experience through data collecting & analyzing
0 % customers would share relevant data to have personalized, contextualized interactions with brand
0 % Customers would share relevant data to receive connections between their digital and in-person experiences3
In this digital era, loyalty program could not be successful without utilizing digital power such as data analytics, digital ecosystem and interactions. A digital tool become a must have for an effective loyalty program, especially to tech-savvy generation such as Millennials & Gen Z which accounted for 64% population now 4
Loyalty is not just a reward give-out program which creates the cost for enterprise, it is the beneficiary for both enterprise and customer. Enterprise could depend on loyalty base to get more insights of customer since many of them willing to share data to get more benefits.
We help Enterprise build a digital loyalty platform
With the raising and supporting of technologies, we should mobilize those to create an effective digital loyalty platform. This is where FPT Digital can help Business with our strength in technology and our best practices.
Revise comprehensive loyalty program (on both traditional and digital loyalty platform) from strategy with short and long term targets to redemption policy & digital touchpoint for improvement
Utilize new technologies/ideas to further engage customer and enhance loyalty experience
Listen to the Voice of Customer (VOC) on product/service development
Revise customer interface
Collect and harmonize customer data
Analyze data to give initiatives that enhance experience
Engage initiatives and values into touchpoint (such as personalized offer, exclusive Contact Center, annually gift program)
Evaluate P&L and draft actions forward.
Using blockchain to improve cybersecurity, protect customer data & be a bridge to link multiple parties in a loyalty ecosystem
Applying gamification to create a more engaging environment
Machine learning & big data analyzing to bring personalized experiences
Create early-bird feedback on product at alpha, beta phase that helps improve the products/services that fits their interest
Gain disruptive & innovative ideas and initiatives from loyalty base
As of digital age, when customers are changing their buying behaviors and becoming less loyal due to various products and services choices, building a customer loyalty program on a right digital base will result in customers retaining and adhering to brand.