Next-Gen Business Model

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab is the dedicated space where digital transformation team can settle and work together in new ways on new digital initiatives and bring that knowledge back to the organization. An innovation lab is mainly coming with the goal of devising novel ideas and then executing them until the idea is integrated into business.
Why Business needs Innovation Lab?
Enterprise companies across all industries are facing the pressure of being acquired huge market share and disrupted leaders faster than ever before due to innovation technology from startups and new market entrants. Fostering an environment that promotes agility, values customer experiences, and learning through failure will help the companies stay ahead of disruption and relevant in a changing world.
The larger scale companies are up to, the more complex and bulky process they have to run to get the solution to market. Introducing change or reacting to leaner, more agile competitors can be very difficult and slow to do that. This is the place where Digital Innovation Lab to be built to quickly response in order to adapt customer needs and opportunities.
Start building Innovation Lab with FPT Digital
  • Build Innovation Lab with clear purpose
    It first needs to decide whether its primary target is to reduce costs, increase revenue, drive customer satisfaction to beat the competition, or other business goals. By aligning on the target, the team can focus to get works done.
  • Attract top talent
    Digital Innovation Lab requires skills that are in high demand and often in short supply at large established businesses, such as customer-experience design, mobile-app design, agile-development coaching, analytics capabilities, and more.
  • Build a great working team
    Success in a digital factory relies on the ability of small working groups (generally 8 to 12 per team) with the right set of complementary skills to work on a given project. These teams often include user-experience designers, developers, IT architects, and “scrum masters” who manage the team.
  • Develop a change-management plan
    businesses leaders and the IT organization need to be involved from the very beginning. IT must comprehend the requirements so they can set up and configure systems to support the new journeys and processes. Whereas, business leaders need to support the program with people from their functional areas so that they are invested in the solution.
  • Implement project applying “Lean” process
    Using best method to implement the project to prove its idea. It helps creating a more effective performance by eliminating wasteful practices and improving efficiency by its definition.
Business potential results
Well-established innovation lab can unlock huge potential and keep the company one step ahead of disruptive competitors with results of a better experience for the customers and a higher performing business
Talented members have chances to work independently not constrained by the company limitations to create distinctive breakthrough products.
The innovation lab is a catalyst for injecting new process, new technology, and a more customer-centric strategy, into the organization.