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Digital Strategy15 April, 2022

Application of automation in appraisal of mortgage loan applications

The optimization by technology in every stage, especially in loan appraisal stage, has significantly reduced costs and improved customer experience due to the timely and efficient processing of the systems.
Digital Strategy

Application of AR/VR and 3D space in enhancing customer experience while buying real estate

In the recent years, the application of technology in real estate industry, also known as, Proptech (property technology) has become a growing trend in countries around the world. AR, VR…
11 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Optimizing operations with a new real estate management model

The trend of digital transformation is happening rapidly in industries that apply high technologies such as banking, finance, telecommunications or in development industries such as real estate. Along with the…
07 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

BIM technology helps to improve the value chain of real estate products

BIM technology aims to express all physical objects in a building including the physical, technical and commercial characteristics of the object. This technology makes it possible for real estate companies…
04 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Unlocking the potential to exploit the life cycle of real estate products

Real estate has never been known as an industry that is willing to change. The essence of real estate products is very valuable and important, making investors afraid of risks…
25 January, 2022
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