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Transform from traditional into smart factory

Digital Strategy04 July, 2022

Green manufacturing through digital technology

Before referring to "Green manufacturing", we will likely be more familiar with "lean manufacturing", an effective method for eliminating waste from production operations and improving the company's finances.
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The role of ERP systems in the digital transformation strategy of enterprises

Digital transformation is incurring strongly in the last few years. However, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses seem to restructure their production and business goals to consider…
28 October, 2021
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Trends of digital transformation in the food manufacturing and processing industry

The food manufacturing and processing industry for many years has always been one of the important economic sectors of Vietnam and still has a lot of room for development. However,…
28 September, 2021
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Platform technologies in smart factories

Smart factories are the key for manufacturing enterprises to shorten the time to bring products to market, save operating resources, simultaneously improve the competitiveness in the market and minimize the…
28 September, 2021
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Digital transformation in the consumer goods industry

Digital transformation is now a “competition” that attracts considerable attention from many businesses in Vietnam and around the world. In order to maintain and expand market share, businesses will have…
13 July, 2021
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Application of robotics technology in the manufacturing industry

Applying robot technology in manufacturing helps businesses improve efficiency and productivity, solve the issues of labour shortage and labour safety, thereby, bringing a lot of development potentials and opportunities for…
02 June, 2021
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Digital Transformation trend in Education

Digital Transformation in Education has been encouraged and prioritized by the Vietnamese government these days. Although there are certain challenges to overcome in the process of implementation, digital transformation brings…
13 April, 2021
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