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Consumer trends, empathy and customer experience design

Internet of Thing17 December, 2021

Data strategies that shape the future of retail banking

Retail banks can expand and thrive in unprecedented ways thanks to the advancement and diversity of technology and more access to data. User-related database holds great potential for retail banks to generate new revenue streams.
Data & Analytics

A PoC project: Customer conversion data exploitation with camera at retail stores

A PoC project that proves the ability to collect data of customer going in/out-store and conversion rates using existing cameras at the retail chain.
14 October, 2020
Digital Strategy

Reach new generation with digital transformation in retail industry

Changes in shopping behavior and consumption habits of the new generations require retail and business enterprises to transform to catch up and meet their demands.
04 April, 2020
Digital Strategy

Customers engagement through Omni-channel platform

Building an Omni-channel platform that meets complex business rules, simplifies operating procedures, optimizes customer interaction.
03 April, 2020
Digital Strategy

Optimize price markdown helps increase 10% profit

The selections of discounted items or discounts are based on experience. Which method and tool enable an optimal solution?
23 March, 2020
Data & Analytics

Research project: Improve financial report activity performance

With data has already been digitized, the efficiency in client's financial statements activities is still low. How to enhance the performance of making financial reports activities?
14 March, 2020
Internet of Thing

Application of artificial intelligence enables a breakthrough experience to customers

With the ability to serve customers in real time and provide insights into customers, Artificial intelligence is being applied in the retail industry to enhance customer experience.
13 March, 2020
Internet of Thing

Application of machine learning in creating optimal pricing strategy

Machine learning technology provides analytics and predictions that help retailers decide on optimal pricing and pricing strategy.
13 March, 2020
Data & Analytics

Exploiting the endless potential of data in retail industry

Data plays an important role in the 4.0 era, as an infinite digital resource. Knowing how to leverage data, retail businesses hold the key for success.
13 March, 2020
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