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High-tech farming and production. Restructuring and disrupting the value chain

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Digital Strategy02 August, 2022

3 digital transformation applications in agriculture in 2022

Digital transformation applications in agriculture create smart agriculture while modernizing value chains and connecting agroecosystems. The article below will provide information about three digital transformation applications that effectively support the agricultural industry.
Spectral Technology

Using hyperspectral image to assess aquatic product’s quality

The quality of inputs and outputs requires strict and precise controls in the aquaculture industry. Which method to check product quality accurately, quickly and minimize impacts on products?
12 March, 2020
Digital Strategy

Finding solutions for the restrictions in aquaculture industry in Vietnam

Difficulties in controlling the quality of input and output products and farming methods, together with tight export policies force enterprises within the industry to find suitable and thorough solutions.
12 March, 2020
Digital Strategy

The impact of digital technology in aquaculture industry

Digital technologies such as data analysis or the Internet of Things bring new opportunities for the aquaculture industry
09 December, 2019
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