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Internet of Thing

Banking-as-a-Service: A new wave

In the financial sector, Banking-as-a-Service platforms have emerged as critical components of Open Banking, in which companies provide more transparent financial options to account holders by opening programming interfaces (APIs)…
05 April, 2022
Internet of Thing

People-centric digital economy

A digital economy growth is an inevitable trend worldwide and Vietnam is no exception to that tendency. A target has been set up that Vietnam's digital economy will account for…
04 April, 2022
Internet of Thing

eKYC, a solution to attract online customers in the banking and finance industry

eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) solution opens up a potential market. According to FnF Research, the global eKYC market is estimated to reach US$257.23 million in 2019 and is expected…
30 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

The development of AI in Vietnam national digital transformation acceleration

Among digital technologies, AI is one of the cores with presences in many digital initiatives, providing the ability to explore the hidden values as well as replacing human to execute…
28 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Managing innovation in business

In a fast-moving, flexible and highly competitive business environment, innovation is seen as an important differentiation strategy to gain an advantage for businesses
23 March, 2022
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Internet of Thing

The model for businesses’ digital maturity level assessment

The application of digital transformation technology has become businesses’ strategy to develop and build competitive advantages in the era of Industry 4.0. However, planning a digital transformation roadmap has depended…
25 January, 2022
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