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The banking industry is accelerating digital transformation, which has largely been formulating its digital transformation strategy. However, in order to meet goals such as digital administration and digital transactions, not all organizations have the resources available to achieve this goal. Therefore, it is necessary to research and develop its own appropriate roadmap moving to the …

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The breakthrough due to the implementation of digital technologies have redefined the Real Estate industry. Shareholders such as developers, brokers, agents, investors or regulators are all trying to satisfy the needs. Learn more about the trend of digital transformation of the Real Estate industry in Vietnam, the method businesses are taking advantage of to improve …

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Customer orientation has always been the focus of every industries’ operation systems, including the retail industry. The impact of the pandemic in the past two years has had a strong impact on consumer behavior, causing urgent changes to provide a superior experience in retailing. Learn more about new trends, new supply and marketing models, and …

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The development of smart factory is diverse, some are mature while the others just take a first step. Each enterprise has its own manufacturing process, which addressed different challenges. Learn more about the key aspects of developing smart factory so that enterprises can thrive in the future. Get the report to discover more information about: …

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The focus of F&B industry post-pandemic is “Creating compelling customer experiences in a large scale”. It is always a difficult task, especially in F&B industry. Learn more about new industry trends in the post-pandemic era. Report of FPT Digital assists readers to understand several trends in creating new customer experiences in the F&B industry, which …

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The role of electronic payments in promoting economic growth and lessons learned for Vietnam

The technical infrastructure for electronic payments has been improved with a rapid growth rate such as POS machines are already present at most merchant establishments. These are favorable factors that…
13 June, 2022

Application of automation in appraisal of mortgage loan applications

The optimization by technology in every stage, especially in loan appraisal stage, has significantly reduced costs and improved customer experience due to the timely and efficient processing of the systems.
15 April, 2022

Banking-as-a-Service: A new wave

In the financial sector, Banking-as-a-Service platforms have emerged as critical components of Open Banking, in which companies provide more transparent financial options to account holders by opening programming interfaces (APIs)…
05 April, 2022
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