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The interest of customers, investors, employees or business partners on issues related to sustainability, environmentally and socially responsible business is increasing. Therefore, it is inevitable for enterprises to develop according to the trend of commitment to ESG goals: environmental protection, social construction, and governance improvement.

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Recent years, the fast-growing direct-to-customer (D2C) business model has transformed the distribution channels in the market. More and more companies are designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and shipping on their own directly to customers without intermediaries. On the consumer side, factors such as better prices, website with full information or easier to contact directly to brands …

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Customer experience is one of the top priorities in the product and service development strategy of most current businesses. Along with the support of the digital platform, businesses can completely achieve excellence in customer experience.

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Enhancing the Digital transformation capability of enterprises in the leather and footwear industry in Vietnam According to the World Leather and Footwear Yearbook 2021, Vietnam ranks second in the world regarding footwear exports.

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has had nearly half of a decade of establishment and development. However, due to global fluctuations in terms of supply chains in the past 2 years, the CPG industry has accelerated digitalization, actively invested, and applied new technology to optimize the capacity to operate production activities, extremely personalized customer experience as well as develop a green and sustainable production ecosystem.

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Digital transformation of Agriculture sector has improved the accessibility to information from inputs to markets, increased productivity, streamlined supply chains, and reduced operational costs. Agricultural products have better quality, higher yields and are quickly distributed all over the world.

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Enterprise operation efficiency relies heavily on the operation of the supply chain. When automated and data analytics is applied, supply chain could transform from traditionally linear to a more agile network, opening up new values, as well as incident prediction and swift response before they become harder to control.

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The banking industry is accelerating the process of conducting and implementing the digital transformation strategy. However, not all credits institutions have sufficient resources available to achieve this goal. Therefore, researching and developing a suitable roadmap to transition to the digital banking model is necessary.

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Breakthrough changes due to the implementation of digital technologies have brought a new face to the Real Estate industry. Participants such as developers, brokers, agents, investors and regulators are all trying to respond as quickly as possible to the ever- increasing demands of their customers.

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It is critical for the retail industry to deliver superior customer experience. Retailers have implemented new supply and marketing model, applying technology to respond to the changes of customer behavior at an unprecedented speed.

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The pandemic has put unprecedented pressure on the manufacturing. This forces businesses in this sector to adapt to disrupted supply chains, labor shortages… Smart factory has become a development trend in the sector, helping businesses solve their own problems.

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The domestic market is the main growth target of Vietnamese F&B businesses. However, in the post-pandemic, the focus of F&B industry is gradually shifting to create a compelling customer experience, although it has always been a problematic for F&B businesses.

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