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Internet of Thing

Artificial intelligence adoption to help in warning and forecasting the environmental conditions in agriculture

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture helps to quickly promote agriculture by analyzing, monitoring, and predicting various environmental impacts related to productivity and crop quality. This supports farmers…
17 February, 2021
Internet of Thing

Optimizing agricultural production with the 2nd green revolution

The global population is growing rapidly, leading to increasing demand for food. To meet this increased demand, technology is considered a sustainable direction and solution to optimize the agricultural production…
22 September, 2020
Digital Strategy

Airlines in the digital age – Optimization or transformation?

“When a snake sheds its skin, it changes; when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it transforms” – Business Transformation Academy.
16 March, 2020
Digital Strategy

News industry – Digital age comes with challenges and opportunities

Users' changing behavior of information reception and interaction is a challenge but also an opportunity for the Communication industry.
11 March, 2020
Digital Strategy

The near future of Vietnam’s cities

A Smart city is a new urban model that has appeared in the world and also started to be familiarized in Vietnam. The trend of building shopping malls has increased…
03 March, 2022
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Digital Strategy

BIM technology helps to improve the value chain of real estate products

BIM technology aims to express all physical objects in a building including the physical, technical and commercial characteristics of the object. This technology makes it possible for real estate companies…
04 March, 2022
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