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Digital Strategy

3 digital transformation applications in agriculture in 2022

Digital transformation applications in agriculture create smart agriculture while modernizing value chains and connecting agroecosystems. The article below will provide information about three digital transformation applications that effectively support the…
02 August, 2022
Digital Strategy

Building future workforces with digital skills

The survey on skills of working-age people in the digital age indicates that organizations’ demand for digital skills has increased 200% in the past three years, and within the next…
20 December, 2021
Digital Strategy

Model of approaching sustainable marine economic development

What will the blue economy look like in 2030? What are the risks and opportunities that companies and investors face? For governance management, what will an effective, comprehensive management approach…
03 March, 2022
Internet of Thing

Smart buildings: How IoT technology generates value to real estate companies

IoT is a new technology trend that has far-reaching effects on the real estate industry. However, what is the IoT-based method to increase real estate value and the challenge real…
10 January, 2022
Internet of Thing

Create momentum with S&OP application to optimize production activities

Improved forecasting accuracy, increased planning and resource allocation efficiency by leveraging data, and cross-departmental planning are potential benefits that S&OP solutions bring to manufacturing enterprises in the new era.
22 November, 2021
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Digital Strategy

The impact of digital technology in aquaculture industry

Digital technologies such as data analysis or the Internet of Things bring new opportunities for the aquaculture industry
09 December, 2019
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