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Digital Strategy

Finding new revenue sources for journalism

The communication industry is facing competitive challenges from social technology platforms and increasing demands from audiences.
13 March, 2020
Digital Strategy

The impact of digital technology in aquaculture industry

Digital technologies such as data analysis or the Internet of Things bring new opportunities for the aquaculture industry
09 December, 2019
Internet of Thing

Data strategies that shape the future of retail banking

Retail banks can expand and thrive in unprecedented ways thanks to the advancement and diversity of technology and more access to data. User-related database holds great potential for retail banks…
17 December, 2021

How can Wealth Management firms thrive in the digital era?

Millennials (those born between 1980-1999) are gradually taking up a large proportion of the world's Wealth Management clients. According to research conducted by Deloitte, this generation alone is expected to…
15 December, 2021
Chuyển đổi số marketing bất động sản
Internet of Thing

Digital transformation of real estate marketing – An inevitable trend of development 

Along with changes in user behavior and expectations as well as technological advancements, digital transformation has become a vital strategy for the marketing industry and, specifically, the real estate sector.…
14 June, 2022
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Digital Strategy

BIM technology helps to improve the value chain of real estate products

BIM technology aims to express all physical objects in a building including the physical, technical and commercial characteristics of the object. This technology makes it possible for real estate companies…
04 March, 2022
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