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Data & Analytics

Exploiting the endless potential of data in retail industry

Data plays an important role in the 4.0 era, as an infinite digital resource. Knowing how to leverage data, retail businesses hold the key for success.
13 March, 2020
Digital Strategy

Optimize Supply chain through data analysis and prediction

The Covid pandemic has been disrupting the method of operating the global Supply chain due to the interdependence on supply, production and distribution worldwide. Supply chain crises account for 39%…
17 March, 2022
Internet of Thing

Lean manufacturing: foundation and transformation in the digital era

Since being first introduced to the public, lean manufacturing has become popular in the industry due to its superiority and efficiency. Lean Manufacturing is considered one of the fundamental principles…
20 December, 2021
Internet of Thing

Breakthrough to increase productivity and create new directions with the 4.0 aquaculture model

Seafood companies around the world are aiming to build a smart farming model with the help of advanced technologies to increase the production and quality of livestock.
20 August, 2021
Internet of Thing

Application of machine learning in creating optimal pricing strategy

Machine learning technology provides analytics and predictions that help retailers decide on optimal pricing and pricing strategy.
13 March, 2020
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Internet of Thing

Platform technologies in smart factories

Smart factories are the key for manufacturing enterprises to shorten the time to bring products to market, save operating resources, simultaneously improve the competitiveness in the market and minimize the…
28 September, 2021
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