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Internet of Thing

The model for businesses’ digital maturity level assessment

The application of digital transformation technology has become businesses’ strategy to develop and build competitive advantages in the era of Industry 4.0. However, planning a digital transformation roadmap has depended…
25 January, 2022
Internet of Thing

Increasing the application of IoT sensors in agriculture

Applying IoT in agriculture will manage, produce, and process food with higher quality and productivity than traditional agriculture, to meet the increasing demand for food worldwide.
12 May, 2020
Internet of Thing

Digital transformation on the principle of lean production: The optimal solution for factories

One of the biggest values, and also the biggest challenge of Lean manufacturing is continuously detecting wastes and continuously improving and fixing them. This means there is no limit of…
22 December, 2021
Digital Strategy

Optimize Supply chain through data analysis and prediction

The Covid pandemic has been disrupting the method of operating the global Supply chain due to the interdependence on supply, production and distribution worldwide. Supply chain crises account for 39%…
17 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Airlines in the digital age – Optimization or transformation?

“When a snake sheds its skin, it changes; when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it transforms” – Business Transformation Academy.
16 March, 2020
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Digital Strategy

Food traceability with blockchain: from theory to reality

Blockchain is currently researched and tested to trace and store transactions throughout the supply chain, helping to ensure food safety.
12 March, 2020
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