Reinforce a digital workforce

Digital Strategy17 March, 2022

Businesses will be strong when building a talent ecosystem

A 2018 report from Cornerstone OnDemand and International Data Corporation (IDC) state that the speed of innovation in an organization is directly related to how they manage talent, their internal evaluation process, and how employees refer to their working environment.…
Digital Strategy

Improving digital human resources for digital transformation in the future

Technology is changing and evolving with leaps and bounds, but the real change lies not only in the technology part but also focused primarily on human change. The workforce of…
11 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

A digital working model in the post-pandemic new normal

A digital working model that combines technology and data will reduce the issues that leaders are worried about, allowing businesses to optimize productivity, govern remotely, and enhance the employee experience.…
09 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Support freshman quickly catch up with the corporate culture

The success of most large corporations or small companies depends more on human assets than material assets, because finding talent to do the job is harder than factory and equipment…
09 February, 2022
Digital Strategy

Building future workforces with digital skills

The survey on skills of working-age people in the digital age indicates that organizations’ demand for digital skills has increased 200% in the past three years, and within the next…
20 December, 2021
Internet of Thing

Post-pandemic recovery: Enterprises speed up human resource development

In order to respond and adapt in a timely manner during the COVID-19 outbreak, many enterprises have to shift from traditional to remote working models to maintain daily operations or…
29 October, 2021
Internet of Thing

Trends of digital transformation in the food manufacturing and processing industry

The food manufacturing and processing industry for many years has always been one of the important economic sectors of Vietnam and still has a lot of room for development. However,…
28 September, 2021
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