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Internet of Thing20 June, 2022

What does agriculture’s digital transformation entail? What are the effective solutions?

Digital transformation in agriculture is described as the process of applying technical instruments from production to processing, distribution, and consumption of products. Significantly, the application of technology techniques is a key distinction between modern agriculture and traditional agriculture.
Chuyển đổi số logistics
Internet of Thing

Digital transformation in logistics: Breakthrough opportunities after the pandemic

Digital transformation in logistics is regarded as a major priority in the current context due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s find out with FPT the current situation and…
14 June, 2022
Internet of Thing

06 digital transformation trends in banking in 2022

Capturing the digital transformation trends in 2022 can help banks better orient their activities in the foreseeable future. With increasingly competitive market and ever-rising demand of users, it is vital…
09 May, 2022
Digital Strategy

Application of automation in appraisal of mortgage loan applications

The optimization by technology in every stage, especially in loan appraisal stage, has significantly reduced costs and improved customer experience due to the timely and efficient processing of the systems.
15 April, 2022
Digital Strategy

Managing innovation in business

In a fast-moving, flexible and highly competitive business environment, innovation is seen as an important differentiation strategy to gain an advantage for businesses
23 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Optimize Supply chain through data analysis and prediction

The Covid pandemic has been disrupting the method of operating the global Supply chain due to the interdependence on supply, production and distribution worldwide. Supply chain crises account for 39%…
17 March, 2022
Digital Strategy

Optimizing operations with a new real estate management model

The trend of digital transformation is happening rapidly in industries that apply high technologies such as banking, finance, telecommunications or in development industries such as real estate. Along with the…
07 March, 2022
Internet of Thing

Smart buildings: How IoT technology generates value to real estate companies

IoT is a new technology trend that has far-reaching effects on the real estate industry. However, what is the IoT-based method to increase real estate value and the challenge real…
10 January, 2022
Internet of Thing

Product lifecycle management promotes process optimization and enhances product value for businesses

Businesses need to continuously improve their current products or launch new ones to increase competitiveness and capture the market so that they can keep up with trends in the booming…
31 December, 2021
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