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Digital Academy

Technology is developing at an exponential rate with unlimited possibilities from Artificial Intelligence, Robotic to Blockchain, Analytics while most companies are growing much slower. This means there is a growing gap between what the value companies actually deliver and what is possible.
As one of the digital pioneers with years of experience working with clients from different industries, we understand the struggles that organizations are overcoming to thrive in the Age of Digital. So, we’ve carefully designed corporate training programs that fit your organization needs to keep up with the changes, unlock new potentials and upskilling as well as reskilling employees.
What we offer
Enterprise Training
Digital Innovator Mindset (2 days)
Changing Mindset and Planning using FPT Digital Kaizen (5 days)
Become an expert in FPT Digital Kaizen (10 days)
Events & Seminars
Talent Network
4E approach
Investigate the current states of the organization, identify key areas for improvements and missing skills:
Emotional Intelligence
Technical skills
Evaluate knowledge post trainings/seminars/events, measure return on investment for the organization, track employee engagement
Develop a tailor-made curriculum/event that engages participants, focus on learning by doing and practicing
Educate employees through formal trainings with lead experts in each area with a tailor-made study program or organize seminars, networking events that allows participants to network with and gain insights directly from these experts
Our Experts and Trainers

Having talent network of FPT Digital Academy in addition to partnership with FPT University (FU) and FPT School of Business (FSB)
With us, organizations are prepared with essential knowledge, skillsets and workforce to become leading digital leaders in the age of Industry 4.0.

Chairman of FPT
Chairman of VINASA
FPT Chief Advisor
Former DuPont CIO
Partner at FPT Digital
Former Deputy General Director of FPT
Chairman of FPT Digital
Vice General Director at FPT Corporation
Chief Executive Officer of FPT Digital
FPT Chief Digital Transformation Officer
Chief Digital Officer of FPT Digital
Former Digital Services Director of FPT
Chief Operation Officer of FPT Digital
Partner of FPT Digital
Partner of FPT Digital
Marcom Consulting Director of FPT Digital
Partner of FPT Digital
Vice President of FPT's Global Affairs