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“When a snake sheds its skin, it changes; when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it transforms” – Business Transformation Academy.

With the ability to serve customers in real time and provide insights into customers, Artificial intelligence is being applied in the retail industry to enhance customer experience.

Machine learning technology provides analytics and predictions that help retailers decide on optimal pricing and pricing strategy.

The communication industry is facing competitive challenges from social technology platforms and increasing demands from audiences.

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With more than 30 years of experience executing successful digital projects for world leading partners across various industries, FPT Digital confidently offers clients our full-cycle digital transformation service, delivered through the Digital Kaizen method
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Data plays an important role in the 4.0 era, as an infinite digital resource. Knowing how to leverage data, retail businesses hold the key for success.

Blockchain is currently researched and tested to trace and store transactions throughout the supply chain, helping to ensure food safety.

The quality of inputs and outputs requires strict and precise controls in the aquaculture industry. Which method to check product quality accurately, quickly and minimize impacts on products?

Difficulties in controlling the quality of input and output products and farming methods, together with tight export policies force enterprises within the industry to find suitable and thorough solutions.

Digital transformation process incurs difficulties for airlines to face with. Finding the right approach, the right tools and the right resources will ensure a transformation success.

Digital Marketing is changing the role of traditional marketing. With the trend of global digitization, digital transformation in marketing is an indispensable thing to compete and grow in digital era.

Learn why AR, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning and IoT are driving the future of Retail industry

Airlines innovate to differentiate themselves from competitors, to cut costs and to enhance in such fierce and fast-changing market

Digital technologies such as data analysis or the Internet of Things bring new opportunities for the aquaculture industry