Business Analyst
Ho Chi Minh City

This position is open for people living in Vietnam and abroad, equipped with applicable skills, and seeking opportunities to work in the Digital Transformation Consulting industry at FPT Digital, Vietnam.

General Requirements

  • Candidates who are seeking a consulting career in Vietnam.
  • Hold an undergraduate degree, Master’s degree, or a higher education level in Business Management, Information Technology. Any other fields of study are highly welcomed and carefully considered.

Experience and Capabilities

  • Outstanding academic performance is a plus.
  • Able to effectively work as an independent and as a team member in a project.
  • Adapt well to flexible and ever-changing environments.
  • Have an inquisitive and innovative mind.
  • Language: English; Vietnamese.

Position Description

  • As an Analyst, you will work with a project team of 4-5 people and receive a full cycle of training in the field.
  • You will contribute to the digital initiatives by doing in-depth market research, gathering information on the client business, and their relevant industry matters.
  • The analyst should make sure to fully understand the task briefs from the team lead or manager, and synthesize them with the client briefs to analyze complicated information. In case the Analyst is still unclear, it is necessary to ask questions, and discuss/process the client’s requirements with colleagues.
  • While working on a consulting project, it is responsible for the Analyst to communicate effectively with other team members, and then report and review regularly with the leader in charge of the project.
  • The Analyst is highly recommended to develop a comprehensive understanding of various industries, especially in Petroleum and Manufacturing.

Career Development

  • After being coached and having developed the consulting style of working, the Analyst will be progressed to a Consultant position. At this stage, Consultants will be involved in the more in-depth aspect of the project, and able to achieve solid expertise in the field.
  • The consultant is likely to develop a leadership skill set and management style, which would later facilitate working directly with the client.
  • Consultants would have a stronger sense while working with many aspects including digital transformation, digital initiatives, business analytics, and technical capabilities.
  • Competitive salary. Performance based award
  • Annual leave, working conditions follow Vietnam labor laws
  • “FPT Care” health insurance provided by AON and is exclusive for FPT employees
  • International, dynamic, friendly working environment
  • Successful candidates will be offered a friendly, motivated working environment
  • Continuous development of hard and soft skills through work and professional trainings
How is the recruitment process with us?
The recruitment process with FPT Digital usually goes through 3 steps
01 Test (required for some positions)
If we see that you are potential candidate from the CV, you will be invited to take part in a test prior the 1st interview. With this test, we’ll gain a through understanding of you, your throughts and how you interact, and solve the problem.
02 Aptitude interview
If the test you’ve done matches our expectation, we’ll invite you to our office for the aptitude interview. You will meet our colleagues from the domain or department that you applied for.
03 HR interview
After the aptitude interview, you will enter the last interview with our HR & operation leaders to test your interaction skill and your suitability to fit in the organization.

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