FPT Digital

FPT Digital is a digital transformation consulting company. We provide digital transformation roadmap consulting services to businesses to help businesses step-by-step build resources, apply technology to digital transform and solve specific business problems in association with business development strategy and direction, towards business optimization and improvement, creating new values.
FPT Digital was established to promote organizations in performing digital transformation effectively. Our organization delivers highest potential outcomes for businesses through leading-edge digital transformation consulting and solutions. We work in a uniquely collaborative model across the client firms, throughout all levels of the organizations to provide clients with real and tangible business values.

FPT Digital's mission is to help businesses identify digital opportunities, explore new values and create new business models leveraging the full potentials of digital technology within the whole entire transformation cycle.

We inspire our partners and clients to take the initiative in future self-shaping and disrupting the marketplace.
Our culture
Our organization is rooted with distinctive characteristics that forms our value and culture when working internally as well as when working with external partners.
Innovation with an agile and practical mindset
Empowerment by capabilities and expertise
Collaboration, trust and integrity
Commitment to deliver tangible values
Passion in making impacts that strengthen businesses
We help clients solve issues and grasp opportunities innovatively with an open mindset and from practical viewpoints.
Our diverse teams with deep industries knowledge and technical expertise enable a range of perspectives to spark changes.
We believe a collaborative attitude helps build trust and mutual understandings between clients and us. These are the most important factors when cooperating to come up with the best possible initiatives together.
We not only focus on the working process with client to deliver a detailed initiatives roadmap, but also commit to deliver client an end-to-end digital transformation process from the consulting process to training, implementation and evaluation stages.
Our passion is to stimulate organizations’ successful transformation and encourage them to become disrupters within their industries. We help enterprise keep transforming themselves with innovative mindset and creative capabilities.
Our Experts
Chairman of FPT
Chairman of VINASA
FPT Chief Advisor
Former DuPont CIO
Partner at FPT Digital
Former Deputy General Director of FPT
Chairman of FPT Digital
Vice General Director at FPT Corporation
Chief Executive Officer of FPT Digital
FPT Chief Digital Transformation Officer
Chief Digital Transformation Officer of FPT Digital
Former Digital Services Director of FPT
Partner at FPT Digital
Partner at FPT Digital