Beyond-Satisfaction Customer Experience

360° Customer

“If you don’t listen to your customers, someone else will.”
-Sam Walton-
Customer feedbacks are important inputs for customer experience enhancement. Therefore, listening to voice of customer - VOC is crucial for each business in delivering added value to customers while improving current services.
Listening to customer should be done comprehensively from different perspectives. There are many angles to justify information from customer feedbacks:
Feedback types: Active (direct to enterprises) or passive (indirect in communities and on social networks)
Feedback purposes: To seek help, to complaint, to advise or to blame
Feedback emotions & sentiments: Positive, negative or neutral
In digital era, listening is not only to collect information but also to analyze, track improvements and look for suggestions. Technological power enables businesses to go through a "Kaizen" journey from listening to taking actions in order to continuously enhance customer experience.
Customers are using multiple channels to share opinions on enterprises*
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The continuous digital growth with new emerging technologies such as AI and automation are expected to further evolve social listening process. These technologies would exploit information from gained data through listening process in order to drive business growth and new business lines.
*The trend is moving from traditional (phone, flagship store) towards digital channels (chat, social, mobile app, etc.).
Listening to customers’ voice brings enterprises advantages
  • Leverage customer insights to benchmark products, services & operation
    VOC is the motivation for the changes towards operation excellence, customer experience excellence or building innovative business stream.
  • Build case studies & brand image based on satisfied customer stories
    Sometimes, the best marketing stories don’t come from creative agents but from customers. A touching story regarding customer caring could be the best materials to build case studies, create brand characteristics or boost the shares price.
  • Improve customer value & retention
    Repeated issues ignite the churn. Listening to customer and making actions towards these as soon as possible will improve customer experience, customer tenure and value.
97% customers change their buying behaviors due to bad customer service while 87% of them change because of good customer service.*
Start listening to your customers with FPT Digital
FPT Digital consults client on enabling listening capability through stages
1. Define customer journey with all channels and touchpoints where VOC emerges
2. Select the right listening methods for each channel & touchpoint focusing on attitude
3. Build platform to collect & store VOC
4. Harmonize & analyze customer feedback data
5. Utilize high & emerging technologies to increase effectiveness
6. Make decisions on the next actions
7. Track & evaluate the progress with new VOC
From the inputs of listening data, business needs to harmonize and analyze effectively in order to make suitable and valuable decisions. Explore the new core competency for your business and create a long lasting future ahead with us.