A digitally powered,

creatively inspired consultancy

Practical experience in IT and digital transformation
Validated digital transformation methodology
Comprehensive approach to gain insights into enterprise
Focused solutions on core and prioritized pain points
Detailed transformation roadmap with KPI and budget

About us

Our organization delivers highest potential outcomes for businesses through leading-edge digital transformation consulting and solutions.
We work in a uniquely collaborative model across the client firms, throughout all levels of the organizations to provide clients with real and tangible business values.

Our mission

Our mission is to help clients identify digital opportunities, discover new values and create new business models that harness the full potential of digital technology throughout digital transformation steps.
We inspire partners to become pro-active in shaping their own future and be the ones who disrupt the market.

Our consulting services

We provide customized consulting services based on clients' business strategy and focused direction, existing characteristics and strengths, for development and growth, in the form of a comprehensive and detailed implementation roadmap. ​

Digital transformation consulting for businesses


Consulting for provinces and cities

  • Digital transformation for province

    Consulting the province to develop a comprehensive digital transformation plan, based on three main pillars of digital government, digital economy, digital society with digital platform, digital infrastructure as enablers to create momentum for digital transformation and accelerate growth.
  • Socio-economic development planning consulting

    Consulting the provinces and cities on socio-economic development master planning, in association with the specific characteristics and strengths of the locality, in order to plan effectively, attract investment, based on the principles of sustainable development.
The future of business

Focus on digital business outcomes

FPT Digital’s outcome-focused approach allows us to contribute tangible values to your organization, going beyond solving immediate problems to providing sustained incremental


Optimize and automate processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs, increase competition

business model

Create a new business orientation, build a digital platform, design new digital products


Interact and build relationships with customers, build an outstanding and seamless experience
Our approach

FPT Digital Kaizen™

With more than 30 years of experience executing successful digital projects for world leading partners across various industries, we have fostered best practices of digital transformation and created FPT Digital Kaizen™ digital transformation methodology.
Seize digital opportunities.
Create impactful values.
The methodology is a comprehensive full-cycle of digital transformation process, by which FPT Digital will be enterprise's companion towards digital transformation success.
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